Raven  (known as Rebecca Corvue in Storybrooke) is a fan-character of Silverflight.


Raven (or as she calls herself, she can no longer remember her real name) was born in the Enchanted Forest to an unknown queen. The child was spoiled sweetly as royalty, so the queen wished for her daughter to become a raven, an animal known for its greed, so that her daughter could fly away and the queen could finally have some peace. Unfortunately, as she spoke these words, Rumplestiltskin overheard her and granted her wish out of cruel mercy, turning the child into a raven who flew away and into the Dark Forest. In the forest, Raven met a man who promised to help her break her curse; however, when she gave him the specific instructions in breaking it, the man always failed to follow the punctuality of the curse, and could not break the spell each time. Raven fled off to Rumplestiltskin's castle for solace, hoping that the man would be able to find her there with the letter and ring she gave him as appreciation. But once again, the man was unreliable as this time he ran into a band of robbers and decided to join them for wealth over rescuing Raven. After a long time of hiding, Raven, frantic, searched around the castle hoping he had come, but she was spotted by Rumplestiltskin and decided to keep her as his caged pet instead.

In Storybrooke, Raven is Rebecca Corvue, the former lover of a criminal. After a recent heist, the criminal abandoned Rebecca and pinned the blame on her, leaving her to be apprehended in his place. She is currently a prisoner, and only Mr. Gold can enable her release due to being a witness at the crime.


  • She is based on the Grimm's fairy tale The Raven.